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Quantum Reflex Analysis

QRA is the union of science-based kinesiological testing, time-proven ancient therapies, systemic analysis of the body’s subtle energy systems (based on acupuncture meridian dynamics), quantum physics discoveries relating to the body’s quantum biofield, and the outstanding nutrition and nutraceutical breakthroughs of the 21st century. This method of assessment is reliable, clinically effective and based on scientific principles of known facts of human physiology and quantum cellular resonance.

QRA was developed after three decades of correlating electrodermal biofeedback measurements on acupoints, kinesiological testing, assessment of brain proprioceptive patterns and advanced nutritional research.

We provide this comprehensive system to assess the body’s biofield to initiate the most rapid resolution for even the most complex patient – simply not possible by an other methodology.

We utilize QRA to test the following:

  1. To detect Organ & Gland Weakness and find the proper supplementation to strengthen and re-balance them.
  2. To identify Interference Fields caused by scars, surgeries, old physical traumas and head injuries and remove the interference with mud therapy.
  3. To identify and then re-polarize negative thought patterns and emotional trauma that may be impeding a patient’s progress. Emotional Re-polarization Technique (ERT) is an easy-to-use technique that can make the difference in a patient’s outcome.

Please see the following documents for explanations on what QRA is and what QRA can do!