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Severe Back Pain

Jim is amazing. I am a stylist which means I’m on my feet every day with my arms up and I’m bending over a lot. I had extreme pain from my neck down to my hips, knots lining my spine. It was so bad it effected my mood and I couldn’t sleep because of the discomfort. Jim changed my world fast. Within weeks I was able to sleep and the further into treatment my constant pain had lessened more and more. After two months I was practicully cured. I’m still a stylist so of coarse I have my days where I’m physically exhausted and tight, but I’m never in that pain anymore. It never keeps me from sleeping like it use to. I plan on continuing to keep seeing Jim because not only is he great at what he does, but he is one of the kindest men I know. He’s always educating me and makes me feel comfortable. Thank you Jim!

TD, Glen Ellyn