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Generalized Pain

I was a patient on Jim’s for a couple years. I first went to him terrified of needles and the idea of a acupuncture made me uneasy. At the point I finally broke down to see him is when I had exploratory surgery that showed or proved absolutely nothing about my pains and discomfort. Discomfort that stopped me from living or enjoying my daily life. My first visit, I found Jim to be so caring and “gentle “. He listened to my concerns and was very patient. He has a painless machine that checks exactly what’s going on with your body and then Jim goes to work. After just 2 treatments, I could walk around again without discomfort that I had for 4 months previously! Also has natural remedies to suggest for home. I lived in Sugar Grove and Valley Acupuncture is worth the drive. Jim is great, one of a kind! Truly cares.  CW, Sugar Grove