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Trigeminal Neuralgia

It was recommended by my doctor to see Kara, ‘an expert,’ for a flare up of my trigeminal neuralgia. She amazingly took care of the excruciating nerve pain within a few sessions. I was pain free, and headed to an already scheduled hip replacement. I healed so quickly from that surgery, (that was my sixth surgery ever), that the doctors... Read more »

Foot Pain

Jim has helped me so much! He is such a kind, genuine, and helpful person! I had severe foot pain and inflammation and after just one session I felt the best I had in a month. 3 weeks of accupuncture with Jim and I am back on my feet active without pain! I highly recommend him and his services! 🙂 

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Generalized Pain

I was a patient on Jim’s for a couple years. I first went to him terrified of needles and the idea of a acupuncture made me uneasy. At the point I finally broke down to see him is when I had exploratory surgery that showed or proved absolutely nothing about my pains and discomfort. Discomfort that stopped me from living

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IVF Support

I’m proud to say that we’re finally parents to a little boy. We had been through 3 IUI and 3 rounds of IVF. Kara was our acupuncturist through it all. She reassured me when I worried, answered my late night emails and countless phone calls. She made sure to be available for our pre and post embryo transfer acupuncture for

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